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Welcome to Toxin Free with me!  We are Debbie Kiersey and Joy Slavin.  Two Moms with a passion for toxin free living.  This site was specifically designed to help educate others about toxins in our lives. Toxic chemicals are hiding everywhere...from our skin care line, cleaning products, clothing, food and so much more. Reducing toxins in our lives can be difficult if we are on the journey alone. However, working together, educating each other and sharing recipes and products can make the journey to a healthier lifestyle so much easier. I will share what I have learned about chemicals and simple ways to keep them out of our lives.
So glad that you are joining us on this journey to creating a healthier home for you and your family.


How Do I Start?

  • Start in the kitchen by using non-toxic Thieves line of household products.
  • In the bathroom.  Try Savvy Minerals non-toxic products.  
  • With your health.  Try Young Living's  line of supplements for targeted nutrition.
  • In the gym.  Natural ways to increase energy and promote recovery.


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Debbie will give away a free Thieves Cleaner with kit purchase.

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2019 Premium Starter Kit

Additional Information

Along with the Premium Starter Kit which now has 12 YL Essential Oils and an essential oil diffuser, Young Living offers several other ways to begin your journey into Toxin Free  and natural living.  

*There is the Thieves Starter Kit which will help you detoxify your home Thieves products ranging from Multi-Purpose Cleaners to Toothpaste and Dental Floss.

*The offering of the Ningxia Red Starter Kit is great for the family looking to build up their immune system with antioxidants.

*Savvy Mineralsis the new line of Toxin Free makeup that is offered by Young Living.  It is available in 4 starter kit packages to start your day with a Toxin Free makeup application.  The products are all mineral based and contain no bismuth, talc, dyes or fragrances.  Of course, like all YL products, they are cruelty free.

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We have a great educational group on Facebook called The Oil Spill.  All of our members can be invited join and learn so much more about their Premium Starter Kit and beyond.  We share recipes, current promotions and other educational ideas on how to use all of the Young Living products.

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